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Mirabai is available for events, workshops, and custom choreographies. She is available as a solo performer, or she can arrange a set with multiple dancers. Base rates include locations within 20 miles of West Seattle. An additional charge is applied to locations with greater distances.


Events :.

Mirabai is available to perform at birthdays, holiday parties, themed parties, weddings, baby showers, for bellygrams, and for most festive occasions. Please note that she does not perform at functions such as bachelor parties.


Belly Gram   5 to 7 minute belly dance gram delivered to your special person.   $150 + up
Mini   15 minute performance – includes entrance w/zills, taqsim/slow piece, drum solo or upbeat finale.   $175 + up
Traditional   25 minute performance – includes entrance w/zills, taqsim/slow piece, cane or sword dance, drum solo, upbeat finale, and sections for audience participation.   $200 + up
*These rates apply to solo performances only. If interested, ask about rates for multi-set performances or multi-dancer performances.


Event Instruction :.

Add a special twist to your bridal or women’s event with an exclusive bellydance lesson!! I’ll bring the music and hip scarves, you gather up all your friends. We’ll celebrate the divine in all of us!

Goddess Party   45 minutes to 2-hour in-home lesson. Appropriate for wedding showers, bachelorette parties, or any “ladies only” gathering.   $150 + up


Mirabai is available for community belly dance workshops throughout the region and afar. Topics she enjoys instructing are Saidi Cane Dance, Fan Dance, and Audience Interaction; however, she is open to all possibilities. Contact Mirabai for further information and rates.


Fusion Fan Dance :.

Have you seen the new flowy fan fad sweeping through the belly dance nation? These fans are a fun prop which originates in Chinese dance, going back as far as the 4th millennium BC. Mirabai has become known throughout the Puget Sound region for her mesmerizing fan dance, and now she shares her studies of this form with you. In this workshop, Mirabai introduces students to her fan technique, and leads them through a series of belly dance/ fan dance combinations, culminating in a short choreography.

She also provides historical, cultural, and contextual information. This workshop is designed to provide students with the option to use this choreography in their own future performances or to be inspired to proceed with their own fabulous fan work. Mirabai has been commissioned to perform her fan dances in multiple theatrical productions, and was awarded 1st Place in the Persephone category at the Emerald Rain belly dance competition for her fan dance.


Poetics of Performance :.

Performing for an audience, no matter how big or small, can be nerve-racking. This is true for performers across artistic mediums; this is true of artists of all levels of expertise, from novice to professional.

Drawing on a lifetime of study of dance, poetry, music and theater, in this workshop Mirabai shares an array of theories and techniques she’s picked up throughout the years. These invaluable performance gems apply to both formal and casual settings.

Through the course of this workshop, Mirabai teaches a mini-choreography in light of concepts such as “breath”, “vulnerability,” “gesture,” “stage psychology”, and more.


Simply Saidi :.

Originally the folkloric dance of Upper Egypt (Southern Egypt), Saidi has become widely popular in bellydance today. Its infectious rhythm can be found in many contemporary songs, and its earthy and simple movements can be seen performed by a number of top bellydancers: Fifi Abdo, Sahra Saida, & Leila of Egypt, to name a few. This workshop will assist you in establishing a basic knowledge of Saidi that will expand your dance practice, repertoire, and understanding in wonderful ways. I’ll share some basic knowledge; we’ll work on a short choreography; and I’ll provide tips for staged versus restaurant Saidi. I can’t wait to present this joyous, flirtatious dance to you!

You can expect Simply Saidi to cover these points:

  • Saidi background, rhythm & costuming
  • Saidi movement/steps & combos
  • Sweet & sassy mini-choreography

This workshop is for beginners to pros. Bring a hip scarf, head scarf, and a cane.

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